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BigHead Tour
To kick off the new season our first Sunday meet will take the form of a tour which will take in six of the steepest climbs in Sussex. From Bignor to Beachy Head.

Sunday 18th March

Meet just outside of Bignor at 09:00 for breakfast and then we set off at a gentle pace to Bignor Hill. Bignor is followed by Steyning Bostal. From Steyning we head across country to the very well known Ditchling Beacon. The route from here is yet to finalised. We head to the A27 for a quick blat or amble back down the Beacon then aim for our very own Bopeep Bostal via Lewes. Through Alfriston to the High and Over, Seaford, Exceat to Beachy Head.

Lunch at Beachy Head. Sit down in the pub for a meal or a bbq near the Beachy Head bus turn around? You decide.

With care it should take less than three hours and is about 65 miles in total. Just a social but how can we raise more funds from this? Any ideas?
If you want (you do don't you) you can purchase a special tour beanie hat. Bright YELLOW emblazoned with "BigHead". Hmmmm, nice!