Bo Peep Drivers Club


It doesn't matter what you drive just as long as it drives your passion!

Incredible work, incredible people.

Quite clearly we like our cars and the idea of a challenging drive at the top of Bopeep Lane is all very exciting to us but that is not the sole purpose of this event. From the first inception of our idea we imagined attaching some good work and worthy cause to our event .For us it was easy to choose as our youngest daughter was born nearly four months premature and was left with developemental delay, Cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism. Throughout her young life she has required the services of many specialists all of whom have given us superb care. One group however caught our imagination and as you will already spotted that group is the Chailey Heritage School which itself is part of the Chailey Heritage Foundation. Chailey is a charitable special school for children and young adults with a spectrum of complex physical disabilities, hearing and visual  impairments including associated learning difficulties. Although the school fees and medical fees are paid for by the local authorities, the charity relies on charitable donations and sponsorship to refurbish its buildings and facilities and to provide very specialist equipment and riding provision that help  make a real difference to the lives of young people with complex disabilities. Even the shortest of visits is enough to recognise the care and dedication given to this incredible group of people.

The following paragraph forms part of the vision statement that Chailey Heritage Foundation work to achieve. For me it sums up perfectly the attitude that pervades the entire foundation and there is nothing that I could add to enhance or advertise the appeal of the school better.

" Every young person at Chailey Heritage School will be given every opportunity to make progress towards fulfilment. We will never, ever give up looking for ways to support our young people to make their own choices in life, and to achieve their own desired destinations. "

So where do we start? Chailey Heritage Foundation requires an awful lot of funding for both current and future projects and the sums involved  could be mind boggling to those of us who are not used to running such an organisation. Of course every little helps regardless of where it comes from or how it was raised and each penny will be put to good use. As the inspiration for our fundraising originally stemmed from our own daughter we elected to target our donation towards the riding school that exists at Chailey Heritage School as horse riding is one of her favourite activities. Other than being a pleasant outdoor  activity, riding can form an integral part of a persons physiotherapy and provide cardio vascular exercise, aid in the development of communication and social skills, increase confidence and generally provide valuable experience for those taking part. Please take a few momments of your time to view the Chailey Heritage Foundation website to fully appreciate the task in hand.