Bo Peep Drivers Club


It doesn't matter what you drive just as long as it drives your passion!

Membership and joining

Once a driver has climbed the hill at Firle in anger and on one of our revival days they automatically become a full member of the Bo Peep Drivers Club. It is not necessary to be a member of the club to apply and then if selected, climb the hill. Equally, membership of the club does not guarantee a place in the next Firle hill climb revival.

If you are new to all of this and wish to join the club the fee is initially £10.00. (Patron membership).

Annual renewal for all members (apart from those who took part in the first revival at Firle in 2015) is £5.00.
(Navigator membership)

If you lose your membership badge it will set you back £2.50 for a new one! No they are not that expensive but it will teach you a lesson and raise a little bit extra for the club!

Membership application forms are available to download on this page. The forms may be e-mailed or posted. The fee may be sent via pay pal using the link below or cheque made payable to the "Bo Peep Drivers Club".

What do I get for my money?

A badge, small and tasteful. A window sticker for your pride & joy, plus the satisfaction of joining our exclusive number!

You may tag along to any meets or expeditions which the club organises or takes part in. That is about it. It is all about taking part and being a part of something special. A tribute to our motor sport pioneers, their bravery, skill and total disregard for their own safety!


 Membership can be purchased via the webstore page.


Existing driver membership renewal ;               £5.00. 


New non driver members ;                          £10.00.

Replacement badge ;                                  £2.50.

Membership application form.   This form may be printed and posted to: B.P.D.C.  31 Malthouse Way, Hellingly, East Sussex, BN27 4DA.