Bo Peep Drivers Club


It doesn't matter what you drive just as long as it drives your passion!

Membership and joining

Please note that the club is to discontinue the issue of membership cards and membership numbers. The membership cards will be replaced with a small silver metal badge. Any person who applies to join the club during February and March 2017 will not receive a membership card, the badges will not be delivered until the end of this period.

The club is all about climbing the hill, just as our forefathers did. So the only way to be a full or "Navigator" member is to apply, be selected, pay up and then drive the hill on a revival day. However, due to a great deal of interest a second tier of membership has been added. It is now possible to join the club as a "Patron" member. This level of membership allows such members to attend all club events and of course apply to climb the hill in the same way that anyone else may. It will be custom for those that have climbed the hill to wear their club badge to their left side and those who have not climbed the hill, to wear their badge to their right side. Simply change the side of dress when the hill has been climbed in anger!

What do I get?  Not a lot! Your badge, a window sticker, a few membership discounts and the satisfaction of joining an elite group of motorists. The membership, especially for new patron members is really all about keeping non-climbers involved and part of the group. The club's main activity is the Firle hill climb revival in September. The club may organise a few other, select events or outings. During the summer months there are periodical lunchtime meets and other meets at our "clubhouse" in Chapter 12 wine & cocktail bar in Hailsham.

Regalia. At our events or on the club shop page, it is possible to purchase some items of club clothing or other merchandise. The clothing is ordered as and when required, so please expect a wait before your goods are received. The club only stocks very limited items in order to reduce unnecessary costs. It is also possible to pay the hill climb registration fee on the club website for those selected to climb the hill.


 Membership can be purchased via the webstore page.


Registration fee 2017 hill climb revival ;            Registration opens on Monday 1st May! Coming very soon.

Existing driver membership 2017 ;                   £5.00.  ( for 2015 hill climbers if you wish to have a membership card and sticker)


New non driver members ;                          £10.00.

Replacement badge ;                                  £2.50.

Membership application form.  Membership can be purchased via the webstore page.