Bo Peep Drivers Club


It doesn't matter what you drive just as long as it drives your passion!

Sunday 17th September,  Bopeep Lane, BN26 6UJ.
Off the main A27 between the Barley Mow public house and the Drusillas roundabout.
Participating drivers are asked to arrive between the hour of 07:30 to 08:30 in order that they can be parked in their Paddock space prior to the arrival of the spectating public.
Arrival and parking.
Participating drivers and supporting crew must display their paddock roundel. These drivers will then be directed to their pre-determined space in the Paddock. All other traffic should follow the signs and direction from the event stewards to the general car park. The general car park is divided into three areas. Public parking, Members parking and special interest. This last area is for any car or vehicle, old or new of note. This will be decided by the stewards responsible for car parking and is not open for debate.
The car park is a stubble field. It is even but on a hill and accessed via a short track from Bopeep Lane.
Take care and drive slowly.
Parking is free, however a donation is encouraged. Remember that this day is in aid of the Chailey Heritage Foundation and the money raised on the day goes towards the excellent work that is done at the Foundation. Please give generously. The event programme is priced at £2.50. This is only a guide price, feel free to give more!
Schedule of events
07:30,   The lane is closed to the public and the Paddock will open for participating drivers.
08:30,   It is desired that all drivers are parked in their designated space within the Paddock.
09:00,   General admission.
09:10,   Blessing of the course & drivers.
09:30,   Drivers briefing.
09:45,   First and second ascents of the hill commence.
11:30,   The band will play "Jerusalem".
12:30,   Lunch.
13:30,   Third run of the hill including the "Dream ride" auction winners.
15:00,   Champion of the hill award & final raffle prizes.
17:00,   The event comes to a close.
17:30,   Bopeep Lane re-opens to the public.