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Bopeep Lane track sponsorship


Help the club to raise even more cash for the Chailey Heritage Foundation by becoming a Bopeep Lane track sponsor. 

The idea is simple. The original track which was used in days gone by was 600 yards from start to finish , the same course is used by the Revival today. Each single yard has been numbered and allocated one raffle ticket. Each raffle ticket has been priced at £2.50, it is possible to purchase just one ticket or as many as is desired! Tickets will be on sale from Friday 2nd February 2018 up to Sunday 16th September at 11:00 hours. Tickets may be purchased via the club web site,  webstore page or in person at any of the club meets throughout the year. If shopping via the webstore the number of tickets required may be decided upon checkout.

The draw will take place during the hill climb lunch break on Sunday 16th September. One winning ticket will be picked at random and thereby win the singular prize of a hot air balloon ride for two. The hot air balloon ride prize comes in the form of a voucher which the winner will redeem with the provider at a time and place agreeable to both parties. The voucher must be redeemed by the end of June 2019. No other prizes are available and there will be no cash or alternative prizes. There are a variety of sites throughout East and West Sussex from where the balloon ride may commence. Further details will be published in June 2018.

The tickets, as well as being numbered are named in sections which reflect the five course section names. These sections are Taylor's Launch, Beech Ascent, Wooller Curve, Moore Top and Millar's End. The tickets are shared equally between the five sections and do not reflect the actual size of each section on the course. After the main draw a further series of draws will take place until one winner from each section has been picked. The five section winners will win a consolation prize of dubious value!

This raffle is authorised by Wealden District Council under the 2005 Gambling Act-schedule 11, Part 4.  LN/000020795.